Marsden Heartly

This piece was at the Georga O’keefe Museun this last winter. The title is Provencetown. So very simple and elegant. 



Abstract Painting 3/22/2015

IMG_1588.JPGRivers and Lakes     Gouache on Paper    12×9

I have been studying Richard Diebenkorn in New Mexico.  I believe if you study other artist it can only help you in your search for expression.

Abstract Painting

Working on abstract work lately. You will enjoy watching my journey into a new a new voice of expression.

portal_oil_wax_panel_20x16Portal   Oil and Cold Wax on Panel   20×16

storm_oilwax_panel_24x24Storm   Oil and Wax on Panel   24×24

Tim Ferriss and Seth Godin

Today I woke up thinking why am I so shattered minded, with no real focus, this has been going on for too long now…. STOP MONKEY MIND

Finding “The Tim Ferris Show” Feb. 10  podcast with guest Seth Godin was just perfect.  Seth is a marketing giant, the content will help just about everyone I know and love.


If anyone knows what this is let me know. Instagram photo which I took a couple of years ago….