3 thoughts on “Starting Again (Hidden Works Of Art)”

  1. Beautiful piece, Arlene, and good to hear from you! How are you and Michelle and the 4-footed gang doing? Did you finish that huge self portrait? Amazing stuff.

    I am here in Bisbee Arizona for a week, down 3 dirt roads, 20 min from the blacktop. Heaven. Then on to Encinitas Cali for a week in the SRF oceanside ashram. Dad died Jan 1, he’s off to a new adventure, and I’m trying to figure out where I’ll settle down…

    Still have the holy sand from Chimyo….it’s brought joy to many people, including my dad, and a dear friend’s mom, who was very Catholic, she loved it and it comforted her when she was in Hospice. I’ll get over there to visit again sometime, I hope!

    Best to you, Arlene, say hello to Michelle!

  2. FYI I took a drawdown course and it was inspiring motivating and left me hopeful….please pass it on! Let’s stop and reverse global warming by 2050!!!! Marie Erb Get Outlook for iOS ________________________________

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