Flooding (El Rancho New Mexico)

It’s was about two months before now that a storm came through that everyone had to get out and look at the raging water. When it rains big here it is a community event. I remember once a little old lady (older than me) drove up to the dip which is depicted in this piece and stopped. She thought a bit and decided to go for it. It would have been fine as it wasn’t too terribly deep but she stopped right in the middle. She was scared of all the water surrounding her car and froze. I was there and a few other onlookers. We knew that she was going to be ok as the water was subsiding and her car wasn’t moving. We called 911 and let them know and waited for someone to rescue her. Someone from the pueblo came and pulled her out. She was a lucky little old lady….

floodinelrancho_paper_oil_12x12Flooding In El Rancho                      Collage/oil on panel   12×12                                   Ladell

Life Force Of Creativity (Abstract)

Something new and fun. Gouache paintings torn up and then glued back together.

Also want to share something I found on Brain Pickings which was just what every artist needs to read. Check the link below and enjoy.


Yellow Tear   12×9   gouache   paper collage


Loan Aspen  12×9   gouache   paper collage

Martha Graham on the Life-Force of Creativity and the Divine Dissatisfaction of Being an Artist


If you are interested on a debate about Art Schools, Pros and Cons, give these a listen.

1. https://soundcloud.com/intelligence2/art-schools-are-bad-at-producing-good-artists

2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4bc-9kMtfE


First you need to know how to think. I personally never knew about thinking, just reacting to what was in my world.   Reacting is a marsh filled with quick sand, thinking is a mountain with an ocean view.   I am just now beginning to think at the young age of 61, it’s hard as my mind has been on auto pilot for such a long time.



Watching TV, Not Thinking.

from my gray series, oil on paper, 15×11 in.




Mountain Stream

Mountain Stream

This piece is a cut out of paper glued down and painted with oil. The size is 10×10 paper. Almost everyone has a memory of a mountain stream, fishing, bathing, drinking, water falls.