Life Force Of Creativity (Abstract)

Something new and fun. Gouache paintings torn up and then glued back together.

Also want to share something I found on Brain Pickings which was just what every artist needs to read. Check the link below and enjoy.


Yellow Tear   12×9   gouache   paper collage


Loan Aspen  12×9   gouache   paper collage

Martha Graham on the Life-Force of Creativity and the Divine Dissatisfaction of Being an Artist


If you are interested on a debate about Art Schools, Pros and Cons, give these a listen.




First you need to know how to think. I personally never knew about thinking, just reacting to what was in my world.   Reacting is a marsh filled with quick sand, thinking is a mountain with an ocean view.   I am just now beginning to think at the young age of 61, it’s hard as my mind has been on auto pilot for such a long time.



Watching TV, Not Thinking.

from my gray series, oil on paper, 15×11 in.




Mountain Stream

Mountain Stream

This piece is a cut out of paper glued down and painted with oil. The size is 10×10 paper. Almost everyone has a memory of a mountain stream, fishing, bathing, drinking, water falls.