Abstract Shapes (Painting)

This piece is another in a series of (Boulders) It is the second one in the series. Made with oil paint and cold wax on a 2 in. panel. Boulders#2_oilwax_2pan_12x12_I


New and Older Encaustic

Cloud#2 9×14 Encaustic/Oil On Panel

Cloud  18×18 Encaustic/Oil On Panel

People Of Gray Sands 24×24 Encaustic/Oil On Panel

Sisters 30×12 Encaustic/Oil On Panel

Back at it, I just love doing this kind of work.

November New Works 2015

Fire In The Groin

8.5×4 encaustic/oil  on panel



Man On Fire 10×10                           Spiral  5×4                       The First Kingdom