Heat Wave In New Mexico

oil on linen 30×60

We had a major heat wave in July, that’s when I was having my roof done. It’s a metal roof. The roofers were not bothered they said. I replaced my sky light with new one that are opaque and white. It’s like an operating room in the studio, it took me a week to be able to ajust to so much light. I know we are all worried about our planet, this years the signs couldn’t be more real about what is happening. Our world goverments have to get it together and make some major changes, what can we do? Vote it for protection of our planet.


If you are interested on a debate about Art Schools, Pros and Cons, give these a listen.

1. https://soundcloud.com/intelligence2/art-schools-are-bad-at-producing-good-artists

2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4bc-9kMtfE


First you need to know how to think. I personally never knew about thinking, just reacting to what was in my world.   Reacting is a marsh filled with quick sand, thinking is a mountain with an ocean view.   I am just now beginning to think at the young age of 61, it’s hard as my mind has been on auto pilot for such a long time.



Watching TV, Not Thinking.

from my gray series, oil on paper, 15×11 in.





This piece was done when I lived in Carpinteria, California.

It’s been in storage for several years, now it hangs in the studio.

Hot waxand resin are combined and melted to create the texture, carving into the wax once it is cool and creating a drawing.

It could beconsidered a drawing or a painting.




encaustic 48×36